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1) Full Music Tracks

2) Backing Tracks

3) Slow Backing Tracks

4) Section Tracks

5) Slow Section Tracks

- Notation and Lessons 

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Dimension - Arch A ( 305mm x 229mm )

Author - CLEF TONE

Producer - CLEF TONE

Pages - 32 pages

Printing - Color

Suitable Age - 3 to 8 years old


Music Arrangements Genre

- Nursery Rhymes

- POP - Samba

- Waltz - Blues

- Shuffle and more


Piano Lessons with Nursery Rhymes Backing Tracks Children are fast learners as they are at their peak of creativity.It is the best period for them to start absorb knowledge and training between the age of three to four years old.


Play along is to let children to enjoy the rhythm during piano lessons. It can be random playing to foster the creativity of children by Improvising along with the book’s teaching methods.


The idea of playing along is to let children learn the most basic theory notation and practice along with music arrangements instead of following metronome. Children can learn both piano theory and the practical skills in a more interesting , efficient and practical way. Children will definitely obtain better understanding with the ingenious method of piano playing with this book.



- To help Children improve sight reading

- Rhythm & Piano playing made east and better understanding than ever

- To enhance Children’s Aural training and Musical sense



QR CODE allow you to a large selection, well manage of backing tracks just by a simple scan with their phones using any QR scanning app. WHY BACKING TRACKS?


Aural sense

What makes it different from practice with metronome. In backing track you will find a group of instruments playing e.g. woodwind, brass, string, guitar, bass and percussion that are able to achieve different experience. ​


Foster Creativity

Random playing Rhythm & Notes along with backing track will make piano lessons become lively and may find some student be able to create their own melody line. (improvisation primary) ​



Different genre of music arrangement will make you feel it can be interesting even just playing with some basic rhythmic pattern or notes. ​

Play Along Students cannot HEAR how's the sound of the pieces from most of the practical book.Listen to music track or play along with the track you can see the picture and hear what is the notes are trying to tell you.

Children Book