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4 Piece Band Sound
A Standard pop live band setting, comes with a various style of performances include with many different genre of repertoire.
Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle
The best choice for chilling ambients! Fingerstyle
instrumental performance incorporate with pop song bringing contemporary music & environment to another level of experiences.
Acoustic Unplugged
Unplugged is a more romanticized version of the song, in the sense, that there are absolutely no electric instruments. This version is definitely an easy listening type.
Acoustic Repertoire
Warm acoustic sound setup, Flexibility from chilling to groovy styles of music performance.
Full Band
A full line up by Drum, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Female Vocalist, will be giving you a wonderful experience utterly same as we heard from all the music album. 
Acoustic Instrumental
A Combination of Chinese instrument (GU ZHENG) and Western Instrument (ACOUSTIC GUITAR & CAJON) , incorporation with Modern Music Performance.