DEE 德仔

Dee is specialized in writing ballads and RnB style music. Currently taking Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music) in University of Malaya. He strives to improve his music with every opportunity he gets. 

Known to have a 'soft boy' voice,Malaysian singer-songwriter 德仔 often focuses in genres like ballads, RnB, folk and pop music.

He began writing songs since high school when he wanted to pick up a girl. Sadly ,the attempt did not succeed however it did have a favourable outcome where it began to seed the interest and love towards music in him. He continued to learn more and improve at his craft.

The nickname 德仔 is a name being called by his family as he is a younger member in the family. He decided to use it as a stage name because it sounds young and also it sounds more like family,  engaging with his audience would be better.